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About Us

Rockinvans was founded by two brothers who share a love for getting out there and experiencing the world.  After years of travelling through North America and Australasia in many a different campervan, both have found themselves back home in Scotland with a desire to share their passion with like-minded people.  Their love of road tripping can probably be credited to their parents, who drove the family throughout Europe during the 80s in the back of this bright orange classic VW campervan.

Our aim at Rockinvans is simple: to help customers create their own memories, go on their own adventures, get off the track and experience the best that our country has to offer.

Here are some pictures of the good times, the memories we’ve experienced in various campervans.  We’d love to have some of your photographs to add to our gallery, so book a Rockinvan and get out there. See you soon.