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One of the biggest pains about travelling in a camper van, especially a big 6 berth one, is having to take your full van with you when you just want to nip into town.  For example, you've just finished dinner at your campsite, the table's all set with dinner stuff, you want to nip into town to grab some Ice Cream for dessert, but you can't be bothered putting everything back in the cupboards.  You know that if you don't tidy everything away, the back of the van's going to look like someone’s trashed the place once you've stopped driving.  The perfect solution to this problem is to take your bikes with you, ideally a moped if you're feeling like doing it in style. Well, this video has went one step further, I'll hand you over to video. Enjoy


Rockinvans wishes it had one of these

James Bonds Campervan